answer to the post that says art is a cancer and … you know .

i shouldn’t have writen many diferent subjects in one short text , even all this talking about the same issue .
but thank you for all that have commented about . you were very kind .
i didn’t make it clear . but 2 woman with very strong personalitys made comments i would like to share with you . the comments are in english what makes easier to me without need to translate . but all languages are very welcome . and i gave aswers that i believe will let things a bit clear . not totaly .
i am not here to help , i am here for mess . i am not a spiritual leader , i have no answers .
it is good to know people takes me seriously sometimes , and not just as an exotic piece of character .
thank you !!

Caio – I don’t know what to say. I do know artists with cancer who paint about it and it is healing and energising and I am amazed by one of the artists ability to paint physical and psychological emotion yet make it beautiful ( but then again, she was an artist before the cancer. She is an artist primarily and cancer patient secondarily, yet right now, the cancer consumes her time. I agree, there can be more important things than art or music or literature, but a world filled with quality arts makes the world a pleasanter place for those that appreciate it. The ability to express oneself artistically and exceptionally would be an amazing thing for the masses would it not? The beauty of art is that it tries, and often achieves, to transcend religion and politics thus allowing us to see eachother for the qualities withing and not solely by sociiological labels and niches. We are each more than the place we were born, the religion or politics we hold and the education we had, are we not?

JASMINE – to paint about cancer or any similar thing isn’t art , is speach , can be made beautifully , but isn’t art . the nature of art is diferent of what they teach us in schools sinse the second half of the 20th centure . you must to forget all you learned about if you want to see art as it really is .even so i agree i was grosse on my comment about this . i am sorry . i don’t know if exists things more important than art in this world . i don’t remember to have said something like this on this text . and a world with more art is just a pleasanter place if the civilization that lives in this world is very sick and disturbed . the necessity of art isn’t a gift , but a curse . art is about religion , always , very rare art is about spirituality , 2 very diferent things . and art is used by us as politic , always . because art is a way you find to position yourself in this world . and this is politic . but doesn’t mean that you need to do speachs as the cancer example . yes , we are much more than the place we were born , religion and politics . but where is art in this ? is art and self expression fron our souls or fron our cultural way to see ourselfs and deal with it ?and if art is an authentic manifestaton of our souls … what is the reall value of this in our lifes and for the improvement of the soul ? greed is a manifestation of the soul too . should we transform this in a real value and live by it as has been the proposal sinse the 17th centure ? or stop this in our lifes ? rage , is a fruit of our souls . today we believe rage is an evil thing . but thousands of years ago it was considered a gift fron gods . so , maybe art is a bad thing and we in our cultural values consider this a wonderful thing in our lifes .but first of all , i am teasing . i live for art . it has saved and cursed my life hundreds of times . i have this love-hate relationship with it . i just think that artists must to start to question the real value of art in our lifes . this is the only way to reach better levels and a superior art one day .

Linda May –
Ah mate. What can I say. Simplify your mind. Shut it to those thoughts. If there were no artists the world would be a much much poorer place visually and in lots of other ways as well.There are all sorts of people “needed” to make up this world, your style is just one of those many.They should be all able to fit together in symbiosis. I love that word. I try to understand art and the reason and idea behind it, but being a simple person it does not always work. So I just accept it for what I think of as an expression of beauty.A story from inside it’s maker, as much a story as any writer would put into word.

LINDA MAY – but it is the oposite of simplify the mind . is about going beyond art . beyond its needs . we should ask why do we need this . are we so miserable that art turns into a fundamental characteristc of our lifes ? i do believe styles fit together in sybiosis . all , one completing the other . but till when is it going to be a real value ? and why ? i’ve used the idea of “expression of beauty ” last night after to write this . i believe that it is a good start to real answers . even so , not real conclusions . thank you Linda May .


5 responses to “answer to the post that says art is a cancer and … you know .

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

    Desculpa, eu tinha que gritar.

  2. o que ? eu nao escutei , voce pode repetir ?


    Exausta. Isso de gritar cansa. O legal de gritar nessa galeria é que faz eco.

  4. ah , ok . agora traduz para o ingles .

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