GALLERIA D’ARTE TELA – finally , ATTITUDE in painting .

Galleria d’arte Tela is a place with a very especific concept : contemporary painters with very strong influences of the expressionism .
What is very curious and brave today in a post-modern world the existence of this kind of proposal . Reductive about roots , number of artists and “speech “. In a art market where the stablishment , the mainstream , or whatever you want to call , searches a language that even with imposition of anglo-saxan cultural , moral and aesthetical values trys to reach a larger number of languages and etinic diversity as possible , appears Galleria d’arte Tela with a very especific and honest proposal about art .
it remembers me those independent north american labels of rock’n’roll fron the 80’s , early 90’s and the Jazz labels of the 50’s and 60’s .
Labels that got in history of music because of a reductive concept of what to record and it gave to then huge credibility .
I believe that what Galleria d’arte Tela offers to us now , more than anything , is credibility for its concept of what to get in and what stay out .
We need this in art . Art gallerys all over the world and institutions are at the same time very “generic ” and very elitist . What can be more mediocre and poisoning than what is happen today ?
This new Gallery in Wienna is a good answer for all this .
I believe we need more spaces with more selective concept . This would be a good way for everyone have the space in the market that deserves .
Other characteristic that always catchs me and makes me happy , is the DO IT YOURSELF mentality . Nobody in this gallery is saying : “excuse me” “sorry” “can i come in ?” “can you acept my work?” ” is this appropriate for contemporary values ?” . No . they do what they want very well and this is the way it must to be . All very good painters that know very well what are doing and have alread their audience and admirers .
List of artists :
Luca Imperialli
Betina Moraes
Laura Tedeschi
Gianne Tedeschi
Caio Fernandes ( the worse painter there )

I do believe that being reductive is a great way to reach more honests and decent targets . and is more democratic too even looking like the oposite .


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