public art and street art is imposition of vallues and dictatorship .

public art and street art is dictatorship and imposition of values .

What now ? for the last decades it has been a dogma . nobody can complain about public art ( it has too much money and politic power behind the works and the decision of the place it is going to stay ) .

for the last 10 years a new dogma : you can’t say anything negative about street art , “grafite” ( writing this way to piss the purists ) .

anyone has the right to tell me what i have to see . just because i am walking down the street doesn’t mean you can force me to see your work .

if exists freedom of expression , why the freedom to choose isn’t respected ?  do i have to live everyday with your work , that i don’t like , didn’t ask for , just because  you have chosen to put it on my way ?

 why should i respect your expression if you don’t respect my  life ? my taste , my aesthetic decisions ?

this is imposition of values .

Let’s remember that public art in general , sinse the first half of the 20th centure , almost never was developed with the concernment of improving the aesthetical harmony of a place , the enviroment and its comunity   . it was used for political and comercial proposals . and , sure ,  self-pormotional attitude of artists that developed very cheap concepts as excuse .  

in a world where we are celebrating that big corporations haven’t power to decide anymore what music  people listen , what literature people read , what tv shows and movies people watch …. …in art they are celebrating the oposite with this street art imposition .

 now all the time i leave my house i will be forced to swallow works that i don’t like .

you know , the  visual art world is the is the land of the assholes that never respect other people’s life , feelings , choices , thoughts ……..

 and it seems ok for everyone .


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