DURTY CINNAMON-ORANGE GIRL IN BLUR AND RIOT – acrylic on canvas by Caio Fernandes


at the end doesn’t matter how many hours i spent painting this face . what i like is the fact it is a wild blur in the midle of the canvasses barely hanged on the wall .

this is not just a painting .
this is an attitude .
her face is punk . but could be one of those Peter Pan’s forgoten boys ( or is their names “lost boys” ?)
but this is just one more tipical Sao Paulo’s North Shore’s Surfer Girl .
what makes me feel like to sing the Ramones classic :
( but here i change the name New York for Sao Paulo as i’ve always done sinse 1987 )
Well the kids are all hopped up and ready to go
They’re ready to go now
They’ve got their surfboards
And they’re going to the discotheque a go go
But she just couldn’t stay
She had to breack away
Well Sao Paulo really has it all
oh yeah , oh yeahhhhhhh
She’s a punk punk , a punk rocker
Punk punk , a punk rocker
it has been a long time sinse i felt real pleasure to paint . many months ….
this work chalenges me all the time i look at it .
sometimes i see all the pictorial values i like to see on the works of the great masters i am a fan . sometimes it looks rupestre art , something that came fron a cave thousands of years ago .
it is nasty , and beautiful . all the time i get into the studio it is there dominating all the environment . this work has a fisical presense that disturbs me , pierces me deep . but i can’t take my eyes of it . i have painted 3 or 4 days ago …. and sinse then i’ve done nothing else , just looked at it .
again , this photo makes it look cheap , shallow …. and when i click on it for make bigger … doesn’t help .
i took a photo giving a close on the face trying to show the brushstrokes with more precision , but it got pale . i decided to not even post here before , then i didn’t resist , and there it is . .
on my work the most important to me isn’t what is painted , the substantive .
is the way it is made , that is where is the real expression .
thats is the reason i get so concerned to show details and get frustrated failing on this .

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