VERTECES CASA -Caio, put your lips on the old whore’s scars and swallow it.

know if this world is too small or my family is bigger than i thought. Monica Fernandes and Mozart Fernandes are the owners of Verteces Casa. Could they be my relatives? Why not ? I have called so many people on this planet broders and sister….more 2 would be fun.
Look what i got ! Gifts fron Verteces Casa. So cool , i really liked, nothing like to drink soy milk with taste of old whore’s scars right in the morning.
These cups are sincerely among my favorites now.The drawing is so cool.
How did they discover that i am an old whore and it would fit perfectly in my lifestyle i don’t know.But i believe that it has a Bianca’s finger in this story.
Verteces Casa is a fresh breath in Sao Paulo’s art and design market. They have presented to the city an alternative way to deal with design pieces, art ( including paintings ) , not maisntrean culture, in a very successful way. A real pleasure to have then in the city.
Thank you Monica and Mozart for everything you have done and congratulation for the Verteces Casa.
And Bianca… damn… who always sticks her nose in my life meddelin meddeling meddeling!! My life would be much easier and extremely boring without you. Thanks girl ( sis ).
Here there is a foto of my Lodon mug in front of the Verteces’s cups…..ohh , she ( the mug ) got so jealous when i was taking photos of the cups. Don’t worry my dear, you are still the number 1 in my life.
I got this mug on Oxford Street for 99p in a time i didn’t have money for food but needed a mug ( long story short ) sinse then we have had an intence love affair and nothing , nothing on this world will tear us apart.


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