acrylic on canvas by Caio Fernandes 2010

Yesterday I spent between 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM .
What happens is the same … I try to build an image forgeting all I know about “how to do things” and searching for new ways to paint always the same subject.
So yesterday was a hard day been beaten by the painting, very exaustive … and i almost didn’t sleep after have decided to finish… I spent all these hours only looking at this .
I liked the way I have made the volums because it is new. Can’t explain and it wasn’t able to appear on the photos. But i don’t remember to have seen this way before .
So let’s celebrate the fact painting is infinit and still reserve new solutions for the same human issues sinse the begining of the times for this specime on this plantet.
Another new thing I did is the paint. What happens is that a person i hate gave me a large pot ( 1 litro ) of white Winsor & Newton paint. But with a detail ( nothing is for free in this life, even more when comes fron an asshole like him ) it was so , but so old that the paint was in grain , not liquid. He told me that all i needed to do was puting it in a mixer ( those everyone has in the kitchen ). I did … it almost burned the engine because was too hard and heavy , so i mixed a little bit of “oleo de linhaça” i don’t know how you people around the world call this but is the same oil used on the oil paints. Just a little bit, few drops , and made all the diference. The paint when you see now looks like brand new but is thicher.
It gave me another chalenge as i paint on a raw canvasses. But i liked … lots of new possibilitys now . And this work is big… so it was harder to use the bush stroke.
Well…… I didn’t like this painting so much, i am in doubt about this, doubt is good. But i am exited to use this new recipe.


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