Brian Sylvester – the book Reductive in Boston !!!

Brian Sylvester and my visit to Boston.

The self-taught artist Brian Sylvester, is that guy you can always trust and is always up to you ( ready for helping in any moment or situation ). Do you know what i am talking about? This is rare.
He has developed a work with many references of pop art , street art , neo- concretism, outsider art , and here i’ve posted 3 of his last works that i really like. But i tell you to do not look at this and think you know the Brian’s work.
It has been very exiting to follow his progress as he is very dinamic and experimental, you never know very well what is going to be the next shot.
He is at the beguining of the carrier as an artist. He isn’t a teenager , he isn’t a spoilt hipster on his 20’s. This guy has something to say and offer.
What i have admired sinse i’ve met him and followed blog, changed emails…. is his commitment with art. This guy is really struggling hard to learn more, improve hinself, find new ways to show his work , geting a place on a big studio in Boston.
This is incredible to see a real artist in bloom, a previlege. You can see many people beguining their productions, starting to work , but real artists that has something unique to offer isn’t everyday.
I think Brian is a good bet. And he has good works now to prove this.

Well……i am telling about him because this guy decided to do not eat a pizza this weekend , but save the money for buying my book REDUCTIVE.
On the last photos you can see our meeting on his studio where he introduces me to his works.
by the way….i loved Boston. Beautiful city !!

visit his blog and his flickr page , both incredible:

thank you Brian INKPUNK ARTWORKS Sylvester ( and the guy has a great taste for music )


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