Annie Bauwens Tekenkamer – the elegance of the Truth in simple gestures .

Annie Bauwens . She was one of the first bloggers I met in my life. Right after to have started Mein Welt I discovered her blog  and it has always been a model of good taste.
If you don’t know her blog  ANNIE TEKENKAMER     go to visit this , i promisse , PROMISSE , you won’t regret.
Annie draws and paints. She is a breath of calm and freedom to me as i am always in contact with art market, tendences and stuff like this , to look to her drawings, so elegant and secure brings me real happiness.
She isn’t concerned to follow any tendence or concept , she does what she sees. So classic , elegant ( i am going to use “elegant” many times while talking about her during my life ) beautifil, deep , calm …. the way her hand touches the paper when she is drawing makes my chest get tight. It is tender but never weak. The respect she has by the light is a compliment to all art history, the model and the viewer.
Most part of the drawings you see made by people that visits colective studios “to parctice” are boring. 99% i dislike and 70% i don’t even respect or tolerate. Annie is diferent, she produces real art , feenligs and History are there in every single gesture . I am writing this with a knot, lump in my troat because she proves that art is bigger than tendences , art is bigger than market , art is bigger than anything a wise ass can write about . Art is something that beautiful people does in silence out of the world , and while people like this exists on this planet  any corporation , institution , academy , art dealer , government , group of artists with speechs … will be able to kill it .
Annie makes me remember how beautiful we are only for existing.
well… she got one copy of my book REDUCTIVE what is a great compliment to me as  i follow her blog and admire so much her taste for art.
Thank you dear Annie .
Het bovenste boek heet REDUCTIVE en is van Caio Fernandes, een Braziliaanse kunstenaar. Zijn werk en zijn wereld leerde ik kennen via zijn blog Mein Welt. Caio schildert intense portretten, vaak zelfportretten. Zijn composities zijn verrassend. Ik lees dat hij in zijn werken beïnvloed wordt door Edvard Munch, Rembrandt en Degas.
In Reductive vertelt Caio Fernandes de geschiedenis van de vier fasen in zijn werk sinds 1999. Hij toont 32 van zijn beste werken.
Ik bestelde zijn boek online via Blurb en anderhalve week later zat het in mijn brievenbus.
( writen by Annie Bauwens )


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