I recieced this email these days fron an ex follower of Mein Welt ( BLOGSPOT ). On the last 3 weeks this blog have lost more than 15 followers!!
You know what? FUCK YOU! What am i ? a clow , a host of a tv show?
Hey my work is serious and i am not going to get into my studio only for you have entertainment for free , go to watch tv and leave me alone. Have you paid me for post my paintings? no . Do i recieve something for this? no. Is there a contract that i have to paint every day only for painting and make you happy ? What do you think art is for? Entertainment? Hobby? Making people looking up to you ? A pleasure ? Something nice? Sport ?
I’ve been developed my work for 11 years and now should i change my way to work to please people that doesn’t understand what i do and doesn’t help me about nothing? So what are the paintings i’ve done so far? Yesterday’s news? Rotten vegetables?
I paint when the painting must to be done. Not when you are bothered with your stupidy mediocre life and looks for something cool on internet. Go to look for porn your pathetic exuse of human being.
Here are my fashion photos for making you happy.






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