Janice – where i felt a sweet and familiar link to Mein Welt’s soul.

Janice – where i felt a sweet and familiar link to Mein Welt’s soul.

You all know that i have a foot in contemporary art and other foot in fairy tales , don’t you ?
Circa 2003/4 i wanted to develop something totaly diferent i had done so far. I was building this Mein Welt concept in my mind where you can read more about on my book Reductive.
i needed to paint something that could get closer of my imagination but was living in the concrete Sao Paulo, with any real references but my memorys of places that don’t exist anymore and dreans about distant places i didn’t know yet.
If i painted what i could see in my mind it would get too theoretical and fake, so i started to paint what you know alread that is a mix of what i had done before and my new and very private cultural references of this new country that only existes in my imagination named Mein Welt .
In 2010 i discovered the blog of this lovely woman named Janice.
I have found there what i would paint if already lived in a such lovely place as she does . She paints many things i wished have done. I think that the only diferent is that i don’t resist to paint peoples face and would include few more characters in the landscapes .hahah!! She is incredible.
Every single detail about her mix of realism , naive, and fairy tales in a very natural landscape enchants me.
And she uses acrylic paint as me. I consider her basicly a soul-relative.
Recentely she posted about my book here : http://mypaintingsfromartbyjfm.blogspot.com/2010/07/reductive-by-caio-fenandes.html
Thank you Janice, you are lovely about everything.
Visit her blog and let her world gets into your imagination and breath. You won’t regret.

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