Maren and Apple

Maren and apple


Isn’t this photo wonderful and perfect for all that I have searched here on Mein Welt and in my life ?
This photo was taken fron the Maren’s blog . She has been a very positive influence in my life for more than one year…. and a positive influence on my tiny garden’s life too, my flowers love her as thay live better now.
I am not sure but Maybe this is going to be the front cover of my new book and not that photo of mine that has a flower, as this photo has so many similaritys with the second part of the story, my favorite part.
See few posts below if you don’t know what I am talking about .
This is far to be the first post I dedicate to Maren : my muse in many aspects. You can check the links here below. The first one is my favorite even with all the intense grammar mistakes. I remember when it was posted, my mail box recieved in one week a couple of emails very jealous. After more than one year after have posted that I still recieve emails of people asking me about Maren and my feelings for her.
If it isn’t clear : I love her. 

and you can check her blogs where I bet will find wonderful posts. Do this , you won’t regret.


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