oil on canvas by Caio Fern

i thought that it was lost for ever .
but i found among my drawings .
I remember that painted this and didn’t like at all .
Now i look and … acept . But the fact the brush strokes remember me a black’n’white Van Gogh creeps me out . I really don’t like to look at this .
Well , it is a self portrait and it was part of another painting . Then i cut the canvasses in half . This half as i remember went to the garbage and the other i posted here in 2009 but now don’t find the photo in my files . Is a portrait of a girl , a friend of mine , black and white on this pink canvasses , but with diferent brush strokes.
The pink canvasses is the rest of a painting of another painter . He had lots of rests in his studio and asked me if i wanted some . I took all to pieces of canvasses i could . He worked with pink canvasses. Can you believe ? When you are going to do charity, do it right . Don’t offer canvasses for a painter and when he goes to take it get a surprise: “it is pink”.


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