back to Spain and Holland. Back to origins , back to real love . ACRYLIC ON CANVAS by CAIO FERN 2010

So this student of mine didn’t go to school today in the morning because is sick. Yesterday was the same. Her mother came in the afternoon to talk to me asking if I could paint a portrait of her daughter today in the morning . I tried to explain i don’t make any portraits this way . She said that would pay …. again i tried to explain it isn’t about money .
She insisted … i like the face of her daughter and for a long time have begged for God to give me a model.
Today at 7:00AM i was already there with my materials talking with the girl. I chose the balcony ( an apartment at 28Th floor) to paint her because of the good light . The mother came to say that wanted the portrait at the living room as the furniture were new and i should paint it too.
– I don’t even paint my rare old dark furniture. Do you think i am going to paint this bright colorful crap you bought in a Shopping Centre? You are paying me to paint your daughter’s portrait , if you want that i paint this fashion descartable things made to put the ass upon i am going to charge 3 times more .
– You don’t need to be rude . This is my taste.


Yeah sure … everybody that has bad taste says” this is my taste, you can’t argue about taste”. Yes i can . bad taste is bad taste in everywhere , every culture and every century . Fashion crap always existed and always was a hell in History.


Let’s talk about History here :
How can a girl be so blond with almost white hair and at the same time be so monochromatic. I loved her sick face and lack colors .
Usually brunet people are a bit more monochromatic or have many colors but with less highlight . Blonds have more pink, blue , green, yellow… This ultra blond girl had only the colors you see on this painting. I swear. The her deep extremely black eyes.
Painting her i was able to put in practice all my love : Velasquez and Rembrandt.
ohhh… this girl was there opened allowing me to paint as a painting must to be done .
I loved her . Did i say that i loved her ? I DID. I LOVED HER AT THAT MOMENT .
Than when the painting was in the middle of this you can see on the post i decided that wouldn’t sell . I told in loud voice that would never sell this painting because it got much better than expected and i prefer to keep it with myself .
The mother protested and said that was paying .
– Not anymore , you aren’t paying for anything else . This work is mine . If you want a portrait of your daughter hire one of those Shopping Centre’s caricaturists . They are much better than me for these things .
So she got upset and went to do yoga class with a MacDonald’s t-shirt .
And i came back home happy for a beautiful morning where i made a painting that makes me really happy.
Thank you Luciana for being a such perfect model. Take care a get health soon. Don’t let your mother see this post.

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