Beautiful Decay magazine talking about Caio Fern’s painting production.



Julie wrote :
Caio Fernandes mainly paints portraits of faces that hold an incredible amount of intensity behind them. Intensity that could be interpreted as pain, doubt, or realization. Though the intensity we feel from Caio’s paintings compel us with curiosities as to what it all implies, Caio firmly states that the paintings stand for themselves.”


What I really liked about this text are the details. First part that I appreciated was the end : ” Caio Firmly states that the paintings stand for themselves.” It put a smile on my face .


When I was told that my work would be posted at the Beautiful Decay I tried to imagine what would be written about it. I never write about my work , never give any type about the concept or ideas behind it . Even close friends try to take this from me but I never explain . I believe that an artwork that needs a conceptual or explicative text by the side doesn’t need to exist.
Julie captured this and gave me new hopes for my big plan : to make people stop to read the text by the side of the works on galleries, contemporary art institutions, museums and start to look to the artwork .
The prove that my plan works is that now a very smart person that knows art looked to my work and didn’t write any conceptual explanation. When Julie talks about it, describes personal sensations received from of the image .
I don’t want the end of conceptual art . I only want the end of this dictatorship about visual art . I want people after an entire 20th century , returning its eyes to the works and forgetting the “necessity ” of a text behind it, by the side of it , upon it……
I remember my carrier preinternet. All the time I had to do an exhibition, send a note to a news paper or even send a curriculum, it was extremely necessary to have a large complicated text on it . Even better if had an important curator writing on my place . I tried to explain that my work mustn’t have any explanation. More time was waisted explaining that I didn’t want texts than writing or asking important people to write about me .
I remember one exhibition in one gallery in 2001 , maybe the most important individual exhibition of my carrier . The gallerist ( art-dealer ) said that it was impossible to print a fouder or catalog without a text of someone important as I wasn’t very well knew. Ok , I didn’t argue , at the time I was interested to play the game a little bit as important people of the São Paulo’s art marked had an eye on me. So I asked Evandro Carlos Jardim , the untouchable one of the Sao Paulo art world . The guy with highest level of knowledge about art , few in the world can be compared to him and here , when he opens the mouth the rest just shut up … not only this , he was a huge enthusiast of my work and was spreading the news about my existence. So wasn’t a problem to him agree to do this work.
The text Jardin wrote was beautiful , short , precise … and today when I think about my work still remember his words as base of what I do . He really understood the nature of my search and the real values .
When the gallerist and her auxiliar ( that helped as a curator of the gallery ) saw the text , they said that any person could write that . My answer was that if any person could do it , why others had tried but failed so bad?
Even so everything was printed with his text, as was a Jardin’s text. Thank God !!


Thank you Julie . You are the few ones that got what I am doing .
Thank you Beautiful Decay !


Caio Fern.


see the post here :

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