Breeding a pocket Amazon Jungle. Aquarium and eco-system

I was very concerned with their health and as fast as possible started to study about the better conditions to keep animals in a aquarium . First I used to read book of aquarium , Julian Sprung ( I think he even worked for NASA ) and Alf Jacob became my heroes . Then I started to stud the Back River in Amazon jungle and try to recreate all the aesthetically and chemistry conditions of the place inside the little cubs of glass . I got fascinated with the studies NASA developed to create life on the Moon using closed environments . I wanted to develop an aquarium that was am perfect closed Eco-system. Well…. on the entire planet Earth has any “entire closed eco-system” , it is all connected with another areas of the planet . But i got close .
After thousands of consecutive tests , this month has been two years that I don’t change the water of my main aquarium . The fishes that live there ( Pristela Gold and Neon Cardinal ) usually live 3 year in the nature , in a aquarium they can live 5 years , but with me they are going to make 7 years old !!!
The only source of new water of the aquarium is when I fulfill the water that have evaporated . it is one bucket every two months .
About the food . January on 2009 I bought a pot of Tetra Min , 12g , and it is still on the half 😀 The fishes are health . I tried to introduce colonies of tiny insects and worms to see if the could reproduce there inside and be the natural fishes food . But the only thing that have worked so far was an accident . A little bit of chow fell on a corner near the lamp and i didn’t clean that . With the humidity weird tiny insects started to grow there . These insects ofen fall on the water feeding the fishes . Now i need a way to reproduce these insects in larger scale .
So the aquarium has only a filter , a hitter and 2 lamps . The filter is efficient but i haven’t change the refills for two years so it only makes biological work . Most part of the clean water happens because the plants there inside make photosynthesis, what is toxin for the fishes is food for the plants and the plants are responsible for the oxygen too . by the way , i don’t take care of the plants. only the stronger have survived there and multiplicated .
About the lamps … is is still responsible for at least 60 % of the light and the rest is natural light . If you think these photo revel a too dark aquarium, remember that these specimens are from an area of the Amazon where the water is darker and the don’t like too much light , different of what people does with aquariums in general .
The heater is the only thing I consider extremely important as the fishes really need stability of temperature all the days f the year .
Soon these fishes are going to die because of the age . They are really old. Then maybe I am going to start my new project . To develop a entire new planet under the earth !!!