Acrylic on canvas by Caio Fern 2010 – idiot face biting its own lips – self-portrait .

Acrylic on canvas by Caio Fern 2010 – idiot face biting its own lips – self-portrait .

This work went to a totally opposite direction than I thought it would when started .
Again , if you try to control a painting “she” will betray you . Painting is a wild femme with a very sophisticated way to incarnate on this world . hahahah!! Ok, enough with the cheat philosophy .
This is one of those works that has very different looks depending of the distance you stare at it . By close i think this is bad , 6 steps away i think it is good . On the photo here it is middle term .
This painting was very clear about a thought I have had for years that if you want to do a good painting can’t love painting so much . Because When a painter loves too much pictorial values sometimes , almost always , he doesn’t have courage to change some spots . I had a very strong crises during the time I was painting it . The was a green spot by the left side of the nose . It was a beautiful light green spot and i fell in love with that . But because of this tinny spot all the nose didn’t fit on the face , not even gave the right volume . So I had to take courage and work on that spot till make it fits . Sad … I had to kill a beautiful being for a bigger purpose. I hate wars .
Well , this is it , a pure Caio Fern . Again…. the colors here aren’t faithful to the original … it has much more blues and greens and reds and yellows making the image even more realistic . And making my eyebrows not so arched as it appears here . wow !! That is ok .


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