acrylic on canvas by Caio Fern . 2010

I must to be sincere with you . I looked to this photo now and went back to the studio where the painting is still hanged . I stared at this for a while and came back here . wow!! Am I satisfied with the result? This is rare !
It is hard to spend a time in front of this work , it is disturbing to me . I don’t know if I like this . What is good , I guess . It is always good to finish a work and don’t be so sure if it is good or not . It means that you got something there unexpected .
Incredible . For the entire week i felt like to write about this sick idea of trying to do something new .
This is so 20th century !! To want something new is something so old ! And in my humble opinion there are only 4 kinds of people that enjoy new stuff: gays, kids, women, hipsters . I don’t belong to anyone .
Why don’t we forget this stupid education that teaches us to spend , or waist , the entire life running after something new ? For what ? Most part of the time new things have reveled the most lack of authenticity, what is funny , because all the time something new appears it tries to sell itself as a authentic idea and everybody accept it dogmatic buying and consuming .
I want to make clear that I am talking about art here. Why all the institution and corporations that sponsor art are interested in new things if this institutions want more than anything to stay in the power untouchable ? Simple , because all “new” the art has offered since the 60’s is a lie made for hipsters lambs that don’t offer any resistance to the values this corporations sell to people . Even art that has as proposal social issues are shallow , don’t really get any conclusion and only transform these issues in exotic entertainment for be consumed by the elites .
I have had to listen every single day for the last two decades about new media artists . And what have they offered so far ? Nothing . Because all they do is develop work only concerned with the form ( with a conceptual speech to excuse it ) . Artists that are concerned with format have nothing to say . It is like contemporary painters that paint gigantic canvasses . Did you realise that bigger is the work less it has to say ?
I wish 21st century was a time to berry the 20th century in a deep grave . Starting by this stupid culture to wants new things all the time and an artist must to present new medias, ideas and new anything . If the actual artists can’t even deal with what is old , why do they think that can deal with what is supposed new . If existed something really new being made , because all I have seen for the last 15 years are only version of really old aesthetic values but with “new clothes” .
It was funny yesterday . I knew that the local MTV would pass a special about Dinosaur JR. A band I have listened since the end of the 80’s . They came to São Paulo recently and sure that I didn’t go to the show because no way in hell I am going to spend money with transport , tickets and stand all night with lots of ugly fat men around me while a guy on the stage has more fun than I and with my money . No way ! I hate shows, gigs and everything else . But I wanted to see the special on tv even because it promised to have interviews , as I don’t like to watch shows not even on tv .
J.Macis (leader of the band ) when asked about the style he has developed about how to play guitar…. he said something very brave , maybe because he doesn’t need to prove anything to anybody . He said that used to watch the video of “those guys” playing on Woodstock and it was so simple for him , he didn’t understand why what works so well should be changed, so he only intended to play like the ones he likes to listen . What is funny is that his sound and compositions doesn’t sound like nothing , it is extremely authentic , pure , real , strong , poetic , free . So he never was a guy trying to do anything new , he was only being himself and with this developed one of the most authentic styles of the Rock’n’Roll that influenced many important bands .
This is what sucks about contemporary art , everybody is trying so hard to do something new that things lose the value is should have looking all like mediocre plastic shit or video installations that look like the guy tried the carrier of video maker but failed for being too dumb .
No No No !! I am not trying to do anything new . Why should I ? I have myself , I know myself , I am not a naive asshole going after the trends ! I know what I want and don’t give a crap if the rest of the world is lost among institutions , galleries , curators that make exhibitions about curator , and artists that suck it all .
Why do the artists want so much to be part of all this ? At the end what do they win ? Most part of then not even money . They are only happy to be puppets of all this circus made for the elites. So sad and pathetic .
Let me remember you that I am Christian . It is important to say because sure that a guy that reads and follows a book with 2.000 years old will not be so interested about to follow current social concepts of nothing , trends and similar things .
I always thought that all the governments , corporations and institution have interest to exterminate Christian values but not the religious values ( two completely different things ) . Because ….. how can people on the power control and be worshipped by a real Christians ? Pagans adore everyone that makes cool things and say nice words with political correctness , but a Christian just turns its back with total lack of admiration and respect . A real Christian wouldn’t even start a war or rebellion. He gives to Cesar what belongs to Cesar and say “fuck you, leave alone with Jesus”.
It happens with art too. It is interesting to take Christian values out from the art world . Then you will be able to raise generations of people that will accept everything exhibited at the institutions with labels as “vanguard” “new” ” political correctness” and similar things . Didn’t you realise how people are dogmatic and have no courage when they see these labels on a artwork ? There is no question , everybody only accepts any artificial conceptual lie told by the artist and curator and go back to their houses . They read the texts and accept . I think it is related to the lack of Christian values and faith in God. Because when a person doesn’t have God , he/she substitutes the standards by human beings , “thinkers” . It makes people starts to believe on men . But men fail , men lie, men have its own interests . And all the new things they have to offer to you are illusions that vanish with the next season .


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