How to cut your hair in 5 minutes and get extremely handsome, irresistible as me.

Wellllll……. its is too hot here for a long hair , I know that most part of you like my hair more than me or my paintings but I had to do this sacrifice . Don’t worry , it is going to grow till winter.
Damn… I always try to look like Javier Bardem in ” No Country for Old Man ” , but at the end I only look like the Italian gay guys that go to live in London .
Hope you enjoy the process and the final result.
By the way… I am really fat and started a diet 3 days ago , but the “big boy” here the day before yesterday decided to work out a lot and now I can’t move one muscle . I put on wait fast and lose fast , in one week I am going to be again that fucking delicious of ever ! hahah!!!
See you !!