Anne is a Welter … and the latest images from Mein Welt .

Things are great here in Mein Welt …. nice weather and good food… flowers still up and grapes still fresh and sweet. So I felt like to share photos of the Mein Welt lifestyle with all you my beloved Welter citizens.
First image is of my sister-soul mate Anne, taken yesterday but published at National Geographic August 1938
“Anne & her family lived alone on an island. she enjoyed having tea time with her friends the spiny lobster and baby hawk” they wrote .
I don’t know why this magazine traveled in time to tell such a lie , Anne is right here by my side playing with her friends and I , we are having a great tea party now . And Mein Welt isn’t an Island … is a beautiful isolated mountain. Anne IS A WELTER !! I don’t like journalists at all.
The second photo was taken by very dear golden hearted angel Sandy, this is her dog Atty . I love this photo. Sandy’s Atty and Kathrin Broockmann,’s Hopkins have been the two greatest dogs von Mein Welt .
The tird image is the Durer’s rabbit that have visited my gardens for many time . He is a nice friend and teaches me lots of things .
The forth image is one more piece of coocoos collection.
So my sweet Welter citizens and beloved friends… a big hug, don’t forget to eat apples for dinner and Auf Wiedersehen !! Tchau Tchau !!!! God Bless you all.