Right and Left are both wings of the same beast

“ Why the Right Hates Art ” is what I saw here : http://www.artinfo.com/news/story/36874/bread-roses-and-the-republican-anti-art-agenda/?utm_source=nlda&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter by Ben Davis .
YES , it is right, they do hate . But the “left” art blogs, art critics , art sites , and magazines ( left is a funny concept in USA , that is the reason the rest of the world laughs making fun of Americans, American intellectuals should at least try to read about what left means ) never explain why the “left side of art” tries so hard to manipulate the art world, its production , its market , the moral and ethical values boycotting all artist of the world that don’t expose the same values . Left is the big capitalist mainstream in the art world . Have nobody noticed this ?
left, right … are both wings of the same beast .
humble text by Caio Fern .
image by the ridiculous artist Ed Rucha 1973 ( sure , typical of that decade , it shows how stereotyped is the Ben Davis’ text that choose this image for the article ) .


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