my teacher. Evandro Carlos Jardim. one of the greatest figures for the Sao Paulo’s art scene

Today I only want to post about my teacher Evandro Carlos Jardim, a very dear man , one of the most important figures for the Sao Paulo’s art scene that I had the privilege to talk with , watch his classes and even have had the honor of him writing about my work for one of my solo exhibitions . Not only that , because of him I exhibited at Sesc Pompeia too , one of the most important art institutions here in Sao Paulo and had my work published on a collective book in 2001.
But I remember his classes …. I used to say that he was too generous when talking about other people’s work . hahahah!! But he was the responsible to make me realise how important is to be generous and offer everything you have when you are producing. This is impossible to forget. I never met anyone from any part of the world that understands more about art and art History than him , not everyone so passionate about it .
On the first photo of this post you see him working at his studio , “atelier” as we say here.
He was my neighbor in Alto da Boa Vista ( Gartenstadt for who read my book Alemão ) , it was South Area , but we only used to meet at West Area where are the art galleries , institutions and universities.
He was maybe the biggest enthusiast of my work supporting me about everything and gave me many advises… the biggest one was to go to USP , the most important Art College in Brazil and South America where he is a teacher … I didn’t accept , he got very sad and said that my carrier would never happen if I denied this invitation because the Sao Paulo’s art market is very …. well…. a real elitist shit, using my own words. After this I came to Mooca and got into Mein Welt phase … I totally lost contact with him . In 2005 or 6 had a big retrospective of his carrier at the Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paulo , a very important institution , but I wasn’t in Brazil for visiting it or going to the opening night.
I still didn’t see him yet and I don’t know if will because I am very lazy for social relations even when I like the person.

Obrigado Evandro . Todo meu carinho para voce .