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 Anne Huskey-Lockard said…
Great rant! I have felt the downfall of art is the fact that it has become a commodity. Not that artists did not make livings BEFORE—but now you have every stinking little town in every State wanting a *juried* art fair, blah blah blah—some of this brought on by the fact that we have no jobs around here to bring in money so let’s dig up the artists and parade them like dancing monkeys and who gives a shit if they don’t do good work!
It’s tax revenue for the State!
I am so sick of hearing about art fairs and the INDUSTRY they have become….and at the end of the day, all for producing revenue for the States/Country because we outsourced so many jobs.
Really good artists still find representation. And educated buyers KNOW who those people are.
The rest are buying to impress their friends/boss/business acquaintances…whatever.
Screw them.
What a load of crap…
A lot of it is art being taken out of schools, so there is no base level education in the beginning. And then everything here is so commercialized. Can you make 10,000 exactly alike? Yes! We want THAT!
And I think too, that high end galleries, just looking at a bottom line have not helped the situation~~~good P.R. will sell ANYTHING.
So I just sit and shake my head and wonder where it all will end up.
The thing I hate worst are women looking for a painting to match their couch.


 Momo Luna said…
Great post Caio and i so agree with you. And the comments by Anne are great as well.
Ha! i laugh at punk attitudes. Because punk isn’t about an attitude, or a mowhawk or whatever. Why do people think that? It’s about the heart. You know that very well, you are a punk/rebellion by heart, as i am too. 🙂
What bothers me most isn’t the mediocre in art but the art schools. I see lots of great art on the www. Very good technically, clever ideas as well. What bothers me is that it’s often too smooth and these clever ideas become common somehow. Everywhere around the world the same kind of art, images etc….
At some point i wanted so badly to be a part of the art world. Not for the money but for the recognition of my art. But i am learning now to let go this longing because i really don’t like (most) of the art scenes.


  Anonymous said…

 Caio, you are a fucking idiot


Thank you all for your comments on :
Caio Fern .


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