Studio, Atelier , my little corner for painting, tea, laziness and war.

Studio, Atelier , my little corner for painting, tea, laziness and war.

This is my studio,
I sit on a sofa under the window for observing the painting, this picture was shot from it. By the left side of the sofa has one of my main aquariums. I can spent hours looking to the newest painting and to the aquarium drinking green tea and listening music or tv.
Yes , I don’t have tv with images. What I have is Internet connexion and the company that provides internet provides cabo tv too, but I don’t pay for cabo. The signal of Internet and TV and comes from the roof and pass by my old tv ( really old , from the 80’s). It makes the tv capture the sounds of all the channels but not the images. So we can say that I haven’t cabo tv but have cabo radio. It is good because most part of the cabo tv channels are from USA and it helps me to practice my English. hahah!
well… the computer stays far from my studio, it is down here at the livingroom.

So this is pretty much it. In the right doors of the closet I keep paintings, drawings, photos and some art supplies. In the left I keep promotional material, old supplies and stuff as collection of books, CDs, DVDs and other artits’ small works…….
At the other side of the window has the garage and then the street.

Does it look small by the photo ?
Well, because it is !


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