Eine Gift von Norden Elves pra Der Welter Konig Caio que sempre liebe essa raça.


High Elves from Tolkien’s dimension know everything that happens here in Mein Welt. They even know that the birthday of Der Welter Konig is near.
fairies arrived exhausted yesterday and delivered me a small box. As a host the minimum I could do was to give then my best guest room .
I must to say that was shining in happiness because it was written on the box: Maren. My elf princess had sent me a gift.
Opening it an ancient silver light came towards my eyes and I got blind for one second. I didn’t know what I was looking at. But a voice sparkling silver and golden tinny stars fly around my chest explaining all with a lovely accent that only distant High Elves that flirt with Germania can have.
” The Iron Symbol I am sending to you is an very old Scandinavien Sign for protection of house and family. These are finds from Sweden and Iceland from the 8Th Century and earlier. This one is forged by myself. The name is Troll Cross because you never know what you’re going to find into the woods. It protects you …. Maren.”
Oh my !! In name of my Lord Jesus Christ !!! An Elf Lady used her magic to forge Iron for Mein Welt’s protection. The Universe watches the Welters.
Thank you High Elf Princess Maren !
It is going to be of good use as soon the war against Trolls is going to start.
With Pure Love:
Welter Konig Caio.


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