Watch Out females !!!!!! : This is what happens Friday Night.



Watch Out females !!!!!! : This is what happens Friday Night.
Watch Out females !!!!!! : This is what happens Friday Night.

The intention of this post is to alert the sweet little females out there about the fact that all men on earth are scumbags and you can’t expect too much.
Except for me , sure , I am an exemplar man and such a good boy. So if you are tired of men come to talk to me this Friday night, I can understand your feelings and make you feel better.
I promise 🙂


On this first picture I show the man receiving his female victim in his dark cave which he calls Home.
Here he performs an exhibition showing his attributes as was saying :
” Hey, Look how sexy, handsome , strong , adult , responsible I am….. And I have expensive beverages as well.


on 2nd

The next step I make hypnosis, some magic spells , for making you fall in love with me and feel like to take your pants as fast as possible.


on 3rd
This is the face that says ( with no words ):
” I care about you and can’t understand what I am feeling but I think I…. maybe ….. I don’t know…… But I think I have deep feelings for you and you are so beautiful….It means a lot to me.


on 4th
Here I am saying the last words just for making the femme feeling so comfortable that she won’t think and just act transforming the coitus in a very easy task to handle :

” I promise you will love what I am going to do now.”

While the face says : ” I respect you but I am about to lose the control of myself. You are so hot”.


On the final picture you see me saying :

“I am done. Now you are crazy about me and making plans for our future.
I told you so.
But I ordered a pizza to me and a taxi to you. So I would appreciate if you leave now because soon is going to start a really good movie on TV, I d like silence to watch and I don’t share my pizza. …The dog will show you the way out and Yes I call you”.


Again : I am different, honey . So if you go out with any other guy but me this is what is going to happen.
BUT, if you come to see me this cold Friday night I let you bring your own pizza and we even can cuddle in silence during the movie. Don’t you love winter in Sao Paulo ?
I feel so romantic. Yes….. romance is in the air >
Love .


This post was made with the supervision of a pathetic woman that never learns and has fell into this trap hundreds of times always with hope for romance and serious relationship.
Hundreds of time . hahahahah!
…..Now she is coming to slap my face… Here she comes: “Take these short arms away from me you bitter bitch 😀


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