The production and the directions of 2011. Paintings by Caio Fern.

The production and the directions of 2011. Paintings by Caio Fern.

I like so much to keep the Welter traditions…. one of my favorites is every six months to post the production of the year.2011 has been a year where I only kept pushing harder what I was doing during 2010. Harder and more intense.If 2010 was a year where I broke the “pure” Mein Welt aesthetic mixing it with the values of my earlier years and generating a new way to dig deeper what I have searched for the last 12 years, 2011 has been the moment where I take it all and focus on the main target narrowing into very personal view of the individual as spiritual and psychological being.The relationship with the external world is only noticed by the way the matter reflects the material light and the effects it has under the psychological developing and movements….But , It has been one month or so that I don’t paint , I feel I have lost even more control of this process I have never controlled anyway. I am Feeling that soon I will go back to studio but I have no idea of what is going to happen or what direction the work will want to take.
Hope you like these works…. at least we can say that the 2011 production so far can turn into an solo exhibition already. I feel lazy… but when I see what I’ve done , I am not so lazy.
thank you all that have supported and followed my work this year.

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