Gary is here , the Caio Fern’s portrait arrived and is really great ! Painting by Gary Everest.


Gary is here , the Caio Fern’s portrait arrived and is really great ! Painting by Gary Everest.

So now I have in my house something that will make the girls say : wow, you are handsome on that painting. Yes I am going to hang it proudly on my living room. So far all the self portraits I’ve made only got reactions like : “Interesting…Why do you like to paint monsters?”. Now it is going to be like :”wow, do me now !!!”
For who have followed my posts here and on other blogs, facebook, twitter…. Gary Everest have worked on this project. Every time he posted a new phase of the work on his blog I got more impressed.
But one thing is to see a painting by internet and believe it is good, other totally different thing is to be few centimeters in front of it and testify its quality about all levels.
the work is really impressive, it has the right values, it makes you go back and for by all the room and play with the visual effects of the brush strokes.
It is going to be so good to have this by my side now.
The color is really good too… it is a pleasure to stare at this for hours.
Oh yeah,,, other thing I am going to listen with this painting here :
-“Wow Caio, this is your best work ever !!
– “It is not mine, it is a gift from a friend”.
– “Oh sorry, I thought you had learned to paint. But one day you will, don’t worry”.
hahaha! I am serious, this painting is going to make me listen it all the time.

Gary is a painter living in Portland, here is really good and have developed a wonderful work, if you like paintings and life, visit his blog and see if I am wrong.
He paints portraits and had this kind idea of painting one of mine. Not happy with this he decided to send to me here in Sao Paulo.
I do appreciate this a lot. Thank you Gary, this is fantastic and is a Honor to me.
a big hug.


OK, here below first, sure, you see his painting followed by his signature. ( Oil on canvas ).
Then you see me trying to reproduce the expression used as model for the painting , fail. hahah!
Then you see me having an immature attack of pure jealousy trying to call more attention than the painting and saying : “You must to look to me!! ME!!!!”.

And for last I took a picture of the back of the painting when he writes a nice note and sign it again. It is very cool.


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