A pure Caio Fern – Acrylic on canvas 2011 – Grapehead

A pure Caio Fern – Acrylic on canvas 2011 – Grapehead

A pure Caio Fern this time…. only a single blur in the middle of the raw canvasses and nothing else.
This year I have focused a lot on composition… it gets as simple as possible but have tried to find many different ways to deal with angles, positions and distortions. But on this work I decided that only wanted to go back a little bit and focus on what really matters : pictorial values and brush strokes. plots !! plots baby !! I wanted to solve all the issues inside the image as narrow as possible. There is no reason to go to distractions as subjects, facts, ideas……. the painting can be an expression by itself… so let it be !!! ( see all the 2011 paintings here : www.silentspots.blogspot.com )
I took photos of me under the trellis grapevine that has at my backyard ( because of this and the colors I call this work GrapeHead ), So the colors you see are not my creation , aren’t result of creativity… they are only the shade and the few sun light passing among the leafs and landing on my face.
It was painted last night. I was at my studio enjoying the aquarium ( that got new babies, they just born, they are tiny and are hidden behind the dense plants, they are blue and very thin yet 🙂 and listening many albums of bands with lots of extremely distorted guitar effects. I was in the mood to work pretty much this what you see on the painting , layers and coats of brush strokes not concerned with form or proportions , like the guitars I was listening.
So I turned on the TV ( at other room of the house ) as loud as possible and had a marathon of Evangelical TV shows. hahahah! Televangelists talking about Jesus as loud as possible ?!! I am in !!! The neighbors must to love me now. I spent the whole night listening the Word and praying and painting and not giving a crap to the rest of the world. hahahah!!! AMEN !  I love this.
When I finished was very late , very cold , I was freezing. I took the painting to my bedroom and hanged by the side of the TV spending the whole night looking to it and watching … guess what I found on opened TV?… GILMORE GIRLS !!!!! hahahah!!! what a perfect night !!!! In Portuguese…. If those girls are annoying speaking with no pause in English imagine when dub to Portuguese. But I love it. It made me remember years and years ago when I had nothing , only a dusty TV in a dusty dark living room and only this kind of series on afternoon. My life is so poetic 😀 I love their little town and everything else.

So I slept last night all proud of my work looking to it and saying ” Oh Caio… this work is brilliant , it is a pure Caio Fern’s essence and such a mix of Rembrandt with Monet !!!! The Civilization is so lucky for having you living and producing among and for then !!!!! God bless my geniality !!!!
The night was really freezing and I shacked in bed a lot. So I slept only one hour or so.
When I woke up in the morning all happy with my new work, even before to go to bathroom I opened all the windows to see the painting and…..: But… is this it ? What a crap !!!! No… Is this what I painted last night ? Can’t be. I think the little fairy that destroys artist’s carrier came here at night when I was sleeping and messed it up.
So I worked for more 40 minutes on it this morning and this is it… yes it is… I won’t change. Life sucks and I hate my painting.

Have a nice day everyone !!!!!


now , a couple of days after to have posted this… I am still looking to this painting and I am loving it.



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