Acrylic on canvas by Caio Fern 2011 – cut and add.

Acrylic on canvas by Caio Fern 2011 – cut and add.



At least for this week this is going to be the last one I will produce as I have done a total of 3 painting/objects.
Again the photo sucks, hahahah! oh my… I complain about the same things every single time for years. And about these last works has even more problem, I can’t pass to the photo one aspect I really like that is when I walk around the studio looking to it and its different angles. The work is strong and seducing but by photo is only a piece on the wall. What can I do ? I think that even with a good camera it would look like this.
On this process I have to take decisions during and after to paint when I am cutting the canvasses. I don’t only cut around the head, I really decide to make cuts creating new formats that I didn’t see when was only holding a brush. It allows my to be complete about the two main visual art natures: mould and sculpture. People always refer painting and sculpture as similar arts but the are the extreme opposite. Painting is like ceramics-pottery where you have to add matter to the body and manipulate it till give the form you search for. On Sculpture you have a full body and must to take-extract matter till find the for you need.
On these works I am able to do the same as the paintings are always bigger than the final result, then I cut cut cut for intensifying the expression reducing it only to the extremely necessary. If on a canvasses or board the balance of the image is crucial for its harmony here it becomes the most important part of the expression and this is what will make the work survive. 

On this particular piece I cut cut cut cut… and latter had to add parts already cut back to the work but in different positions and functions. 

I hope you liked it !
see you !


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