acrylic on wood , Caio Fern 1999

I loved this piece when I finished and still love today 12 years later. Not only me , it was a success on an exhibition I did……….. year of 1999.
This is one of my sweethearts. Will never be for sale.
It was made one or two months before I really started to paint. So I was experimenting everything I could and never knew what would happen. This so simple , direct and punk rock work just came to me in a sunny afternoon as it is today.
A friend of mine used to say it is the purest German Romanticism wearing new clothes. I laughed when he said that and never gave a definitive answer. Maybe he was right. I still don’t know. Hope he was right. hahahah!

have you all a great weekend .
and please don’t forget to buy my last book MEIN WELT :


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