Sweet Station posting about Caio Fern !

Sweet Station posting about Caio Fern !



Hi Everyone !!!!
this site SWEET STATION has my work posted today by Honey that wrote very nice words about my it.

“”I can’t quite point my finger to it but there’s something about Caio Fern’spaintings that really sets it apart from the rest. ‘ With a highly individualistic style of painting, Caio reveals the raw physical characteristics and inner tensions of his subjects which proposes an intricate set of perspectives of the “self”, is apparent in his self-portraits. Though Caio affirms that a self-portrait can only be considered as a visual reflection of himself, “There is no conceptual speech behind it,” he believes strongly that the only important thing is the painting itself.” ‘””

Thank you Honey.
Sweet Station is a nice place to know new artists and creative people that produces in the aesthetical area in general.
Hope you have fun visiting it.

2 responses to “Sweet Station posting about Caio Fern !

  1. It´s a great web about art.
    Also, it´s an excellent post about your work.
    You desesrve it!

  2. thank you sweet one !

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