La Femme – Agenda 2012 – by Crissant.

……….So last evening I got surprised with the great news about my friend Crissant that have created a 2012 agenda.
This is great news indeed.
“Agenda 2012 – La Femme
An agenda composed by images that make reference to the sensitivity, sensuality and beauty that reside in every women.
All images made by Crissant”.
My favorite characteristic about Crissants work is the fact she is able to transform the everyday life in pure beauty giving honest and sweet poetry to this.
Photographers in general when want to “create” a similar atmosphere use to hire top models and go to locations impossible to reach. But Crissant doesn’t, she has all these possibilities and know all the right people to do one more fashion stereotyped work wouldn’t be a problem to her, even so she chooses and is able to work with everyday references and common people , what is much more generous and shows a real commitment with live , art and the viewer…… no bullshit, no tentatives to be impressive and full the audience.
This year she got so quiet, I think I know the reasons…… but at least she appears with this agenda and we can have a little bit more contact with her.
Love you little girl. More than ever and ever.

you can see the agenda and buy it here :

and you can see her post about and start to follow her blog here :

Ok, all this advertisement has a price… because she promised to send me a gift, you know…. one month ago or so…. but I didn’t see this gift arriving here at my sweet Welter Haus ( that has many flowers on this Spring… ahhhhh, I love spring ) ….. what makes me very sad……
So I thought… maybe if I write a text kissing her tiny hot ass it will touch her cute heart and she remember of me.


One response to “LA FEMME – AGENDA 2012 – BY CRISSANT.

  1. Ahahaha…I knew there was something “wrong”. I´ve never ever see you so romantic!!! ahahahaha
    You know I love you, and it´s free!
    I appreciate your words, sense of humor and the way you love me.
    Thanks for supporting me.
    Kisses (not in your ass).

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