Oesch’s die Dritten is now my favorite band.

http://www.oesches.ch/I discovered it last Christmas and since then I can’t stop to listen . I was looking for polka and yodel because I didn’t want to have one more Christmas listening to Beach Boys “Christmas special ” , Frank Sinatra’s Christmas Classic…. and other similar stuff I have here in my collection, I thought that as my family was coming to spend the night in my house ( because the dogs and cats of the family live here , not because of me ) I could offer a nice environment of music from Alps with Christmas lyrics.
So I Googled and found many great things , much more and better than I expected, but I found this Swiss family and I thought it wonderful. They are my Ramones now. I intend to send an email to then saying they are the official band from Mein Welt and will be very welcome to play here as all the population of this tiny lost country at the forgotten corner of the world has Oesh’s die Dritten as the new national fever.YEAH !!!Wir sind eine Jodelfamilie!!!!


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