Eu sou der Welter Konig

kids liked to play football, or with little cars, to ride bikes, to skateboard or to play many different kinds of wars and battles. I only liked to skateboard and to play war…. but playing war I had always to be the general or some kind of commander and the other kids hated me because my strategy was always based on making everybody dies while I was the only survivor and supreme winner.
So I spent most part of my childhood playing alone with little pieces of paper I used to draw by myself, as toys bought in toystores were pretty disappointing to me.
Today I have a job where I tell people what to do all the time and in home I play with drawings made by myself.
I didn’t grow up at all and it is the best thing that could happen in a man’s life.
For my whole life the entire world did everything to change me…. I can say that alone I am stronger than the entire world and I do what I want.
Who is swallowing its pride now ?


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