Johnny Cash – Hurt

I know everybody is exhausted to listen this music or see this video. But for months I have listened this almost everyday and these last days … I’ve listened all the time. A classic masterpiece is a classic masterpiece.

ah, before I forget… after it get posted here this is going to be automatically posted on tumblr and the tumblers are going to see this post and say : “this is sooo 2004 or 2005” or some hipster crappy like that. Today I will not play with you tumblers, not in the mood for artsy crappy cool stuff.  I am not in the mood, leave me alone, go to like posts of kittens, fashion and shinny pieces of trendy art.



4 responses to “Johnny Cash – Hurt

  1. This song is indeed a masterpiece and Johnny most certainly does give his cover version of it great justice. This too is a favourite of mine.

  2. Jessica, my love.

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