Caio Fern, 2012, PINE TREE – acrylic on canvas







You have no idea how much I love  the cold days here. So I have been eating pinhão ( a nut from a local pine tree named Araucaria,native from the south of South East and Souht on Brazil )  and enjoying my colorful thick socks watching movies and sitcoms ( Bewitched, my favorite ever ).
These are my winter nights, fog in the streets, sometimes drizzle and cozy activities with tasty food indoors. I was born to this.
And what could  make it all even more perfect ? No, not a hot woman… it would be nice at first couple of fucks, then she would start to complain about the house, complain about the food, complain about the movies, complain about Samantha Stevens !!!!! noooo!!!!! Complain about me… and more about me and more and more….next you know her body would be hidden in the garage.
Oh no, wait !!!!! I am a church boy now… nothing of this can happen anymore.
So to make this season even more perfect only leaving the city and going to the mountains among pine trees and going to the woods with a good couple of German Shepherds. Damn… I live in a concrete city with Lhasa Apsos… something is very wrong here.
As the painting universe is the only place where I can make my dreams come through I decided to on my next work include the perfect German Shepherd I always have in mind.
this work I tried so much to work some feelings and situations I lived recently… not that I think was well succeeded on this…. no , it went to a different direction… not so different, but I intended to go deeper into some issues….
How can I do it with visual art and do not get illustrative or do not get abstract?
This is my personality, I am direct and always go towards the target, I never look to the sides. When I go to supermarket to by a cabbage, I get into the place, go till where the cabbages are displayed and leave. I don’t even look to the sides, if has a huge promotion of something I love and I have money for that… I don’t even realize, I am very methodic about everything in my life…. wow, you should see me in my house.
So that is the painting that naturally comes form me, it is direct and objective even when I totally lose myself.
How can I get a way to express what I need so much using images but not getting obvious as an illustrator or poetic too subjective as an abstract painter ?

During this painting I started to say to myself things like :
– Painting isn’t tolerant, it won’t accept pictorial excuses, you will have to make it happens, stop to be a lazy ass and work hard on it.
– Pictorial values must to be able to solve all the issues of the painting, don’t you dare to start to cut here and there running away from responsibility. Don’t start to get anxious and find obvious solutions as taking a larger brush and covering all.

Welllllll….. I didn’t listen to myself :  Fuck you Me, who are you you are to tell my painting how to exist.

At the end I got satisfied with the result….. you know, painting a German Shepherd always makes me happy. How many of these dogs I have painted on the last 10 years ? Many.
I love to use green too…. and I love to work on this face… it was so frustrating for so many reasons… since the beginning this face frustrated me, but I loved to lose my patience and even so keep on it.
Face- dog-green…. this is my head at this moment.


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