Maçã, Apfel, Caio Fern, acrylic on canvas. 2012.

you know …. bigger is the work, less it has to say, that is the reason today’s art market and art history has so much huge crap.
Make it bigger, I used to listen when went to visit my friends in the art college. I heard a couple of art dealers saying the same.

I want to paint the size I see… and I saw it very close so I painted my face the size it is in real life… except for the apple. hahahah…. I really needed it a bit bigger, but not so much. Is a beautiful apple and I love her. My lunch is going to be with her.

I found a piece of raw canvasses here that must to be in among my studio stuff for at least  6 or 7 years. Is is exactly the same kind of canvasses I use all the time but pink. yes, pink, I won this from someone. Now I decided to paint over it. Last night I treated and let it to dry.  I liked when the cuts were made and the pink sides got exposed.

I spent last night awaken staring to the painting I made yesterday, before this one here above.
I wasn’t sure about that work yesterday when finished, now I am in loved with it .


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