Caio Fern, 2012, acrylic on canvas, past is over.

Painting this work was a clear sign of my exhaustion these days. I prepared this canvasses on Friday, only started to paint on Monday… yes, it took me three days to paint it , but were three short sections of two hours each. I easily lost my patience and always tried to find faster solutions for all the values I had to reach.  
These days I have thought that need a rest, maybe one week or more not thinking about my work. Good coincidences happen and while thinking about this I received news about my job and it seems I am going to have busier and more profitable days ahead. It is just perfect. A mental vacation from studio.  
Monday and yesterday, Tuesday, all the time I looked to the work on the wall had a horrible feeling all was wrong and never would match, never would get good… you know, it was a hopeless work from the beginning…. and it was crystal clear to me that I had absolute no idea of what I was doing from the very beginning to the end.  
But I can’t believe, I am happy with the final result. Sure, not entirely satisfied, but it go so much better I thought it would. It makes sense to me now.  
All these days painting I only had one song playing in my mind, it is Brazilian and says : the past is over, it is time to fly……  Image


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