Washed and Cleaned – Caio Fern, acrylic on canvas 2012.

Let me start the way I usually start all my posts :
I woke up early today…. and oh, I hate this photo.

Washed and cleaned. This is how I fell and am.
Again a fast painting. I am painting faster and it is as raw as always was.

hummm, what else ? ah , I have listened a lot the Dinosaur Jr albums: Bug and Green Mind. From times to times I like to get into these albums again. But I don’t think it has affected my work recently.
I have prepared really great diners, I must to say. It hasn’t affected  my work neither. Or at least I think it hasn’t. Who knows ?

well… I am passing by important internal modifications and working to improve myself. This is the only thing that has really had an influence on my work.
Washed and Cleaned is about this.
The term Washed and Cleaned is for the initiated ones. I hope you know what I am talking about, even because I believe that have been clear.

this is it, see you.


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