Me doesn’t we. Acrylic on canvas by Caio Fern, 2012.

Jesus Christ is the only Truth.
ME DOESN’T THEY.the name of that place is place and is only another place.
She said I am brand new and this is only my third reincarnation on this planet.
I don’t know who you are and I am very inclined to do not care.
somebody doesn’t love me and nobody never will.
Somebody loves me and everybody always will.
This is not your business.
I am the one supposed to deal with it.


Today was one of those days … nothing worked , I spent 6 hours working on this painting and it was a problem after the other.
From the start I didn’t want to paint but I had promised that today I would at least start  one new work.
All went wrong, I was for so reason so anxious and it made all become a problem. I didn’t see what I was doing, so immersed in my own thoughts that I didn’t pay attention on what I was looking at and not even the painting itself. I only noticed that nothing was going right, all the plots and spots were not working and the painting was getting more and more horrible, shallow and cheap. I didn’t like one single brush stroke.
I still don’t.
Then I started to cut, and all I had imagined went wrong again.
Incredible, when everything is going right the world around seems like heaven, when everything is wrong, the studio gets too small, I get all clumpy and make everything fall to the floor, the elbow touches the wet paint……
I took a picture to post and the computer simply didn’t open the new photo. I spent more than one hour trying to upload the photo from the camera to the laptop. I had to invent another way to do it and I don’t understand anything about computers.
Not saying I am now very late for going to my job.
I never give up. hahah.
Yes, the photo sucks but this is the smaller problem. I am not sure if I am going to work on this again. I will see it today when arrive form job or tomorrow when I will have more time.
In the end I always win, I finished a painting and posted even with everything against. What would be an horrible day of failure became my personal victory over it. It is like every day I say to the fleshy life of this dimension of existence : bitch please, I am bigger than you.


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