Chine by Buron

This is a really great and perfect book. To know about this made me happy in a way you have no idea. For the last years I have followed Syd Buron’s work of photography as he has posted few samples of this beautiful work here :
It is a breath taken collection and has been very popular as many people like it and follow his creations as well.
I have nothing to say about this, images are perfect and speak for themselves.
Pay a visit to his Blurb page and tell me if I am wrong. I dare you.

‘Chine’ contains 130 large colour photographs printed on 160 pages of Premium paper, with a beautiful lustre finish.

look what he says about this :

“Hello, my name is Buron (aka Syd) and I live in a cabin at the top of Luccombe Chine. A Chine is a steep sided wooded ravine, and mine is on the Isle of Wight, a small Island off the South coast of England. Enchanted during a visit in the Summer of 2008, I moved here a few months later, leaving a stressful life in a city behind me. The air around here still fizzes with magic, as it did on my first visit.
The Chine, and the scattering of woodland and Downs that closely surround it, are linked by the same pathways that now map my subconscious mind. My sense of place here is strong. In four years I have seldom left an imagined boundary around the immediate vicinity of the Chine. Exploring every square inch and sitting quietly amongst a myriad of trees, plants and skies. The collection of photographs in ‘Chine’ were taken between July ’11 and July ’12. During that time my camera never left my side and I attempted to capture those moments of wonder when the veil appears at its thinnest.
Each chapter represents a significant enclave in my kingdom in and around the Chine. Seven places that I have frequented week after week, and season after season, drawing insight and inspiration. You will not find all seven on an ordinary map, but I assure you that they exist”.

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