Caio Fern, 2012, VENISON , acrylic on canvas

Because of an Engel von Norden I have been very fanatic about deer and their influence.
Venison has nothing to do with my practical daily life…. but is too close from my feelings and personal story anyway. I can’t see a real distance.

I wasn’t painting these last months… as you see on my earlier posts I put the blame on everything I could and it was all right and fair.
But the bigger truth is, as I commented before, my work wasn’t amazing me anymore. It wasn’t expressing my life or me as it should, I wasn’t feeling complete and achieved after to finish a painting. As I know for sure and experience the other medias are even more useless to make me feel fulfilled I decided to stop for a while and focus on other parts on my life, as relationships, making money, workout hard, buying new stuff, being an asshole with people, coocking, taking care of my pets……
But I got really great news last Thursday and I realized that what I had prayed for happened: I got rid of stupid people and now I have more time for me.
So for many days this friend of mine, Sandy, has told me many stories about deer, deer hunting season now, deer died by car crashes and lay down on the front lawn of the houses and roads…. I didn’t take it out of my mind.

This work is what I feel , I am happy about it. I really am. It is a good and faithful part of me. I think I got , I was able to reach something my last works couldn’t give me.

I must to focus on this now and do not allow it to escape, I know I can go deeper.

Hope you have enjoyed.

Ahhh.. yes, tell me , which one do you prefer? the picture on wooden board or on the wall?
I think this work in special doesn’t get very well over the wood because of the colors, But I am thinking about to take photos of my next works upon the wood.
Oh yes… it isn’t a Caio’s post if I don’t complain about the quality of the photo that frustrates me a lot.


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