The hunted Stag, or if you prefer, the nazi experiment born again Christian in South America, Caio Fern, 2012, acrylic on canvas.

It was supposed to be made slowly, calmly, no hurry, today I intended to go to the Japanese supermarket few blocks here from my house and buy Gyosa, Moyashi and spend the night at home watching movies, preparing and eating nice food.
But…. as yesterday I had painted the part below of the work, the one where you see a head looking up splinted in two and in twisted positions….. today again I woke up early and decided to paint that self portrait in the middle.
The black double-t-shirt in vertical and the green part was added, there was supposed to be written the text I posted other day about stag, born-again-Christian and the nazi dialog.
I started to write but.. .well… go to understand, how can I paint a self portrait with so many details but I am absolute not able to write with any kind of paint or ink ? I gave up, it was too ugly and boring to do.
So this is the work. Tah Dah !!!!!! hahaha.
I would paint my hair black, but I spent all the time “cleaning” the brush on that area where the hair would be. When I finished the head and would start the hair, wow, it got cool that way, I was tired and when it happens is when the creativity gets opened, because I am lazy I always find alternatives for do NOT make anything else or do it in the easier and fastest way. The hair got good this way. And… well, if it isn’t a God’s bless and inspiration, it totally fits into the dialog I had written. Not saying that it is summer here and when it is hotter my eyes get greener, so it got funny , the self-portrait’s head is in a position that looks like I am a criminal taking those pictures at the police station. All this is pretty fine for the proposal of the work. The hunted Stag, or if you prefer, the nazi experiment born again Christian in South America.Hope you like it, have a nice weekend.

this is the dialogue was supposed to be on the painting :

Stag  – A South American dialogue between a Traditional Nazi ( Joseph Mengele’s assistant’s granddaughter ) and a Reborn Fundamentalist Christian painter.
– Penis, neck and chest used to bleed like a hunted stag.
– It has been a trophy, Mein Lieber.
– Eu, Ich.. I mean, I am not.
– Isn’t you who decidesss.
– Warum werent sie verhaftet, wenn in diesem Teil der Welt angekommen? Desse lado do mundo ?
– Speak only the devil’s language which came from North.
– Eu don’t know it very well…prefiro na lingua que eu penso.
– Isn’t you who choosesss. But for your comfort, me neither.
– Why weren’t they arrested when arrived to this side of the world?
– Their services and knowledge seemed to please and satisfy all parts involved here.
– Does my blood belong to their blood line?
– Nein, you came from their victims.
– Am I one of their experiments?
– Sie sind nicht.
– Because I had one very strong genetic characteristic of their experiments.
– If you say so… let’s call it a coincidence.
– Coincidence isn’t a very scientific or spiritual term, is it? And stop to play with your thighs in front of me.
– I know your weakness.
– You are not the Frau I am supposed to take.
– Oh, I am sorry. Are you supposed to take only one now? We both know you don’t like this rule, Stag.
– When Jesus called I answered. Now I am washed in His blood. They can’t touch me anymore.
– Blood blood blood. It is all about blood….. and blood lines.
– Not even you are able to touch me. Stop to hunt. Nobody can.
– It is all about blood line. Has been since from the very beginning, from Adam.
– I don’t care. I am free. Eu sou livre.
– Stag.
– He made me much more than this. Essa foi nossa ultima conversa e contato. Eu te lanço no abismo, Nephilim, junto com sua suastica. ( That was our last conversation and contact. I throw you into the abyss, Nephilim*, along with your swastika ).
*The Nephilim were the offspring of the “sons of God” ( fallen Angels ) and the “daughters of men” according to Genesis 6:4, a new breed not approved by God.

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