Ride a new life

Hello Welters.  

I’ve taken advantage of my privileges of Welter Konig and recently only enjoyed life.  
Well, I bought this new bike, a Gallo Hydroform, a Brazilian brand from Guarulhos, a city into Sao Paulo’s metropolis. It is a really good hard tail mountain bike and I ride the city on it, flying and sewing among cars, buses, trucks, vans , motorcycles. Please, pray  for my life. hahahah. After the accident last Monday when I overturned and almost became an asphalt’s carpet I promise that will take care. Oh, I am fine, it was a real God’s miracle. I only left the place with a small scratch on my elbow and the bike is unspoilt. In Sao Paulo I decided to ride a mountain bike because it is too crazy for an urban bike, or speed, or road bike. I use to say the streets here are a mountain bike track with asphalt and extremely heavy traffic.  
I haven’t painted. I am thinking about it every single day but I haven’t done anything, not even gotten into the studio.  
You can call it crises, laziness, whatever. It is all this and much more.  
The truth is that I am changing my personality, ways to see myself and the world and changing my life in many aspects and even. New attitudes and new dreams. Some old dreams are kept too.  
I changed my diet, my way to make living, my clothes, my everyday routine, the decoration of my house ( Actually I have only threw things away now and bought very few little stuff ), my taste for music, my way to deal with close people, with strangers. Well…. I have changed everything.  
And I don’t know what to do with myself when it is about painting or art in general. As a matter of fact, I don’t even know if will keep producing because if I change everything in my life I change my way reasons to have a relationship with art too, as audience and as artist.  
I don’t know how it will affect my work. Or if it will be able to be called “work”.  

My last paintings were able to make so many things get clear to me . Check this post if you want to understand : http://silentspots.blogspot.com.br/2013/02/painting-dream-free-deer-blood-jesus.html 

It is incredible.  
Exactly 10 years ago happened something very similar.  
2002 was a year when my painting arrived to a top quality I didn’t imagined it would at the time  ( http://silentspots.blogspot.com.br/2009/11/2002-by-caio-fernandes-year-i-proved.html ) . When 2003 started I faded about inspiration because big transformations were happening in my mind and life , as it is happening now. These transformations were what latter I called Mein Welt , the paintings made between 2004 and 2009 reflecting the lifestyle esthetic and dreams of that moment.  

So I am very calm about it all and living a happy life among bike rides, cafes, shopping and buying new clothes, green tea in the afternoons, church in the evenings, taking care of my amazon aquarium, sunny days ( remember, it is summer here, almost autumn ) , pretty people, new recipes for my new culinary taste, and dog walks ( my 4 Lhasa apsos are better than ever).  

Now I am late for the dentist. 
Yes, Supreme Kaisers like me have to go to the dentist sometimes too. Only for a check up. We are almost like you, common people.  

All the best to my beloved people von Mein Welt.   
See you .  


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