Madchen mit baum, Caio Fern, 2014 , acrylic on canvas.

Hallo Beloved Welters.  I believe my work has disappointed more and more people all over the world.  
Please, don’t be upset with what they say. They are Europeans, Americans, Asians, Africans…. they were raised to be haters but somewhere deep inside they have good heart and soul. Even because they can’t be forced to understand it.  
You all know this work is made only with Welter Culture’s references and only for Welter people who lives in the lost corner of the most distant mountains of the south of South America isolated from all the rest of the civilization. This our little peaceful nation full of beauty and blessings must to be quite exotic to them… so I will ask you all to have a little bit of patience and just never mind.  
God bless you all. 
Yours, Welter Konig Caio Fern.  



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