Gold, a nice place in the mountains and a good dog… what else a man would need? Caio Fern, 2014, acrylic on canvas.

2014, 8



Hallo Welters.
I am not even going to say sorry for the horrible, horrible photos of this work with all this white light being reflected… I tried, I really tried to take a nice picture of this but what you see is the best I got.
I have no regrets. Yesterday was black friday… did you buy a better camera for me and/or a kit for lightning it up? nope.
It is a very small painting, the landscape there has many more details the photo doesn’t show. grrrr. The dog’s face too. And the frame above doesn’t even have all that white.

Last night I had the craziest ride with a group of cyclists from Sao Paulo and arrived home very late, only washed my face and fell asleep.
When I woke up in the afternoon Only fed the aquarium fishes, the cats, dogs , the zoo…. and walked the dogs.
Then I got into the studio and painted this uber-pioneer-male painting. Only real men with pioneer mentality will be able to appreciate this. Again, no regrets at all , not sorry at all.
If you are a female, or a guy who hides yourself under the wife/girlfriend/mom’s skirt…. I don’t think you will reach this.

Gold, a nice place in the mountains ( of Mein Welt ) and a good dog. Jesus in the heart and praise on the lips.

Now I am going to take a shower because it has been since yesterday , it is hot here and… oh Lord… I am really sticky and stinking.


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