Eduardo Alvarado – how noble the existence of the matter and soul in this world can be.


December 16. That was our last conversation by Facebook and Eduardo asked me my address to send few catalogs of his work and last exhibitions.
!!!! DECEMBER 16!!!!! …. and I only got this last Friday, August.

well.. I am not complaining only laughing and realizing…if there is one painter from Spain and a painter from Brazil involved in the process… things are going to happen and it will be great… but don’t wait up…..  instead, take a seat. We are too busy living our delightful lives and having fun and loving, and inventing things that only matter in a very particular way. Gracias and Obrigado.
Sun is shinning, love is calling, life is beautiful. Let people from boring freezing places hurry up with their stuff.
Eduardo at this moment is at the Mediterranean Coast with his family and I am mountain biking the hell out  of the rain forests in the lost mountains of Southeast of South America. The rest of the world can wait. The entire world is just annoying anyway.

As a matter of fact I feel so privileged for him to have remembered of me and sent me this fantastic images by mail during his vacation.
The picture of the horse is a small painting, a original one he sent with the catalogs. It is temporarily on that place but soon will be in my ” dirt shed room”, a new room I am doing here for all the stuff that is hobbies related and I think is pretty… is like my tea room but more man cave, with bike tools, aquariums for new reproduction experiments and will be an extension of my painting studio one day…. I will keep all my finished works on this place too.

Eduardo’s work is inspiring… it is inspiring in a bad way… the GOOD  way ——— it makes you jealous and feeling like to paint…. it brings wonders to your eyes and crises to your heart.
“Now I want to paint. dammit”.
-” Espanhol filho da puta” I was living my life in peace absolute not minding about art and he sends these great stuff and makes my soul burn in luxury and desire and getting ready for new challenges.

He can be so clean and direct/straight , so pure, taking the eyes close to the core of the image.
The truth is that I’ve been a fan of his work for years. 6 years to be exact, because of this… this characteristic of such a noble feeling and attitude he can develop with his paintings, drawings and sculptures.
Yes –  Elegant, noble, clean, pure, straight, core, beautiful, mature, enlightened , precise….. this are some of the words that ALWAYS come to my mind when I get in contact with his work.

Thank you Eduardo, not for sending these catalogs but for being in a relevant position in life  offering us these registers of how noble the existence of the matter and soul in this world can be.

God bless you.
Dios te bendiga
Deus te Abençoe

( here is his blog

FB page )


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