About Caio Fern

hi ! my name is Caio Fern  and if you don’t know yet I am the Welter Konig. This Mein Welt blog is about my art production in general .

I am a misfit painter and I go out with apples living in a land far far away named MEIN WELT where all the descendants of nazis, pirates, slaves, fairys, fundamentalist Christians, Tolkien characters and Ramones’s fans can reproduce like rabbits. If you have a good soul , this is MEIN WELT. Be welcome and enjoy the trip ( make this a tiny piece of your home ). JESUS CHRIST BLESS YOU !!

For more especific informations about my paintings :



If you want to have more informations about it , go to my other general and more complete  blog :


about my photos :


if you like poetry:


thank you for dropping by !!!


4 responses to “About Caio Fern

  1. Your work is bizarre, but in a very interesting way. I’ll be checking you out!

  2. Thank you ! i am glad you have liked the work .
    it is nice to meet you !

    see you !!

  3. Hi, nice to meet you !

  4. Nice to meet you too Readers Heaven !
    thank you for coming.

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