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fighting till lose all excuses and reasons . ME FIRST !!!!! acrylic on canvas by Caio Fern 2011

first day and I spent 6 hours on that…. not happy I’ve worked on this piece for 4 days and maybe ( i said MAYBE ) it is done.
I know that the first and second version are easier to like , understand and digest. But I had to eat the logic and eliminate all smell of Idea from it. I can’t accept my working illustrating any idea or concept , i had to make it get more personal and less literary.
The harmony must to come from the form by itself…. and not by what it represents…. listen, i have nothing against illustration or conceptual art… but it is just not my thing.
For the ones that liked more the first version… I am sorry, I do appreciate people’s opinion and I like a lot to share, but I can’t live under it. ME FIRST !!!