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towards and towards

weak lamp and strong silent space
the little cabin hidden in the backward behind grape tree and bushes exposes its red bricks and opened window to breath the cold air of the night

i don’t know my name, can’t discover how it has been written beyond the deep blue

it is a priceless privilege to barefooted walk in dark among ferns and sleeping white flowers to reach the cabin where the mountain bike is kept and work on it…. it is so cold this night …. i had to take my shirt off and feel every detail of the low temperature getting into my skin.
“at dawn i ride”
holding greasy tools i pray to Jesus to keep His strong hand over me as He has always done protecting, washing me

dog licks his paw and its sound is blended with the steam of the tea cup.

…after many hills, steam coming out of my mouth, death in its many forms was faced, suppressed and ignored.
sky getting lighter, clouds, drizzle. what not to love about it?
trees trees trees they are all singing perfumes, as the fresh earth around my warm green black flannel shirt and celeste blue helmet.

the front wheel is so slippery on the mud, here I go one more downhill over the roots and rocks with success.
amen! i do praise the Lord for this.

i must to pass by and stop to see

that swiss wooden house among pine trees with little hearts sculpted on the balcony and green door.
i must to pass by that grey stone house that looks like a little castle.
i must to pass by the red brick house with big window that is for sale and one day will be mine.
i must to pass by those eucalyptus.
i must to pass by the anglican cathedral and the Scandinavian luteran church because they are so beautiful.
before to head to the trail.
as I always do.

the front wheel is so slippery on the mud, here I go one more downhill over the roots and rocks with success.
amen! i do praise the Lord for this.

capybaras awaken already as the monkeys and birds…. if it was sunny the lizards and snakes would be searching for the early sunshine.  but they hide from me anyway. you understand it as you want.

what am i up to? why am i doing this?
Blitzkrieg over myself, space and time.
with one hand I play with my dog….. i pray the psalm because it is true and never fails.
i am safe and save.

do you see this silence? is the deep breath before “_____”

wear brown hiking boots, put on:
towards and towards.
towards and towards
towards and towards
towards and towards


The Blinking Welter… Mein Welt in cheap, cheesy Gifs.



blinkingwelter 11

blikingwelter 5

blinkingwelter 15

blinkingwelter 9

blinkingwelter 14

blinkingwelter 6

blinkingwelter 12

blinkingwelter 8

blinkingwelter 10

blinkingwelter 7

fighting till lose all excuses and reasons . ME FIRST !!!!! acrylic on canvas by Caio Fern 2011

first day and I spent 6 hours on that…. not happy I’ve worked on this piece for 4 days and maybe ( i said MAYBE ) it is done.
I know that the first and second version are easier to like , understand and digest. But I had to eat the logic and eliminate all smell of Idea from it. I can’t accept my working illustrating any idea or concept , i had to make it get more personal and less literary.
The harmony must to come from the form by itself…. and not by what it represents…. listen, i have nothing against illustration or conceptual art… but it is just not my thing.
For the ones that liked more the first version… I am sorry, I do appreciate people’s opinion and I like a lot to share, but I can’t live under it. ME FIRST !!!